About Us

Chauvin Municipal Library

Chauvin Municipal Library is located at 5200-4th Ave North in Dr. Folkins Community School. We have a great selection of books for everyone's enjoyment.Plus now that we are part of Northern Lights Library System a variety of services have been introduced. 


  • Interlibrary loans.
  • Circulating block collections of audio books, large print books and specialty theme collections.

Board Members for 2015 - 2016

Chairperson: Heather Winacott
Vice-Chair: Emily Geddes
Secretary/Treasurer: Tanya Duke

Members: Oscar Buck, J. Rae Beatty, Emily Geddes, Heather Winacott, Tanya Duke, Trevor Tipler,
Principal: Tom Koskie

Library Manager: Jennifer Waters


It is the belief of the Chauvin Municipal Library Board that the Library should provide appropriate library services at convenient hours for all community residents. The board will encourage the use of the Library, by community members to it fullest potential.